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The Lap Dancer

The Lap dancer

The Lap Dancer

When Merilyn Sakova first appeared, there was merely one thing to do. Photograph her as much as possible ‘coz u not ever know when a specific babe like Merilyn makes a decision to pack it all in.

In this photo-shoot, filmed in Kiev along with the accompanying episode, Merilyn plays a exotic dancer. Merilyn was at not time a stripper, as far as we know, but the fantasy is sexy.

One day, the SCORE crew was walking with Merilyn in Kiev looking at the sights when a passerby with obviously well-trained boob radar recognized her and asked if he could get a scarcely any photos taken with her. The chap was so nervous that buck was shaking. Merilyn has that effect on guys.

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Daughter may be good, but Mom Madison is better

Daughter may be worthy, but Mommy Madison is better

Daughter may be worthy, but Mama Madison is better

In her long-awaited return to 60PlusMILFs.com, 66-year-old wife, Mama and grandmother Madison Milstar catches her daughter’s husband watching her then seduces him. In this case, seduction means a blow job. That always works. Then she screws him and displays why Mommy is nearly always more astonishing than daughter. For example, juvenile angels are usually cum dodgers. Granny Madison widens her mouth for Patrick’s load.

We asked Madison, who lives in Hawaii, if that babe is watched her scenes, and this babe said, “Absolutely! All of them! I loved ’em! I observed them alone and with my husband, and I guess that guy might have loved them even more than I did!

“At first I was a little coy watching myself. I was too surprised by how well I did for it being my 1st time doing porn. I was flattered by how well the photographer seemed to catch all of my fine angles. My partner was thrilled with my spectacle. I could tell just by looking at his shlong. This Lothario was rock-hard!”

The big question: “Have u had sex while watching your scenes?”

The bigger in size than run of the mill answer: “Well, yeah, of course! My hubby was sat there with a erection, so I wasn’t going to leave him high and dry!”

Now that is a great wife!

We likewise asked Madison if adult modeling for us has changed her in any way, and that babe said, “Yes. It’s made me more confident in bed. It is made me feel more desirable. It gives me a thrill knowing that thousands of males masturbate while watching me. It is enjoyment knowing that 95% of my allies don’t know that I’ve done porn, and the ones who do know totally accept me. I’ve too been encouraged to initiate writing my book. There is so much more to share now!”

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Sex On The Beach

Sex On The Beach

Sex On The Beach

“I kick off sex,” Arianna Sinn told. “I love to be in dictate. But one time it begins, I adore the petticoat chaser to be a little more aggressive. I can make sex happen, but then I like him to tell me what this chab desires and do what this chab craves with me. But sometimes, I will take control. I adore to shake my bosoms in a man’s face and see his reaction.”

Relaxing on the beach relishing a cocktail, Arianna soaks up the sun. This beach is remote and empty. There is no one around for miles. Arianna lifts up her bottle of sun gel. Sat behind her is her boy toy, her private assistant. She keeps him close by to satisfy her each need, and we do mean each need.

Arianna prefers a big dude with a greater than average schlong cuz she’s a complete lot of female. After giving her a breast rubdown in the sun, his next task is to give his big boobed boss a sexy screw on her beach blanket and give her total joy. That babe certainly deserves it.

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Her Big Tits Open All Doors

Her Bigger than run of the mill Bazookas Open All Doors

Her Big Juggs Open All Doors

It’s a fact that Summer Sinn‘s astonishing chest can clear a path to her destination. In other words, her big mounds open all doors. Her mounds are her ID. She’s welcomed warmly by bouncers, airport security (full body chase on aisle THREE, please), traffic cops, doormen, headwaiters, cab drivers…you name Them.

Let’s show an sample of how Miss Sinn’s milk cans are her I.D. in this reenactment. Summer was scheduled for a shag scene. At the front desk, our PA asked for her photo ID, which majority of you know is a legal requirement in the adult world. Summer did not have it. She’d forgotten it at her hotel. But no problem. This babe simply lifted up her blouse, showed her bouncy juggs and the office administrator let her pass.

On her way to the studio, Summer avoided a shipping department employee and asked for directions. That lady-killer needed substantiation that she was who she said this babe was and not an imposter. Anew, her love muffins got her a pass. One time in the studio, one more workers member needed her I.D. but…you guessed it…Summer’s mounds were her I.D..

Lastly, Summer met her co-star on the set. Her thrusting jugs served afresh as her pass and they got to the tit-fucking, deep-throating and screwing she earned after this babe was avoided at more checkpoints than in an eastern European police state in 1975. Big tits: more stylish for opening doors than a 20 dollar bill folded in a girl’s palm.

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Nikki Delano

Nikki Delano Nikki Delano
Nikki Delano @ GloryHole.com
Nikki Delano loves her fans! If u don’t know Nikki from her wicked porno scenes, u may know her from her notorious webcam exposes. Or maybe you have heard her radio unveil? Or perhaps you’re one of her 1,000,000 followers on Twitter? Maybe you are on your way to one of her many signings, this day taking place at an adult bookstore you probably already know. Nikki always arrives early to any of her appearances, so this day she is got some time to kill. Why not explore the bookstore? It doesn’t take long for her to stumble on to the movie "arcade" section, and in a short time that babe is in a place we all know very well! How lengthy til the dicks initiate popping though the "g-holes"? Not very! But Nikki isn’t taking them all on. In dictate to receive a crack at Nikki, it helps to be greater than standard…and dark-skinned! And we all know Nikki will get done her anonymous, new "friend" in advance of making her way back out to the store to meet and greet all her fans!

Nikki Delano Nikki Delano

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Katie’s Morning Ritual–Part Two

Katie’s Morning Ritual–Part Two

Katie's Morning Ritual--Part Two

It’s a rare event to be granted special access to that most secret of feminine temples of beauty, the washroom, where angels turn themselves into total glamour hotty’s, if they are favourable sufficient to commence out with the basics of face and figure. And no one has more of the basics of face and figure than Katie Thornton.

In part two of Katie’s Morning Ritual, SCORE covergirl Katie does her hair, her toes, her makeup and chooses what this babe is gonna wear to lay waste to any lad in Miami who sees her.

One time she is dressed in her tight outfit and is willing to rock, Katie heads out to wine, dine and party before she flies off to wherever her wanderlust takes her. She is total British eye-candy, enjoyable and saucy.

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Sweet 40H Breasts

Enchanting 40H Milk cans

Sweet 40H Breasts

Mia Vixen and her 40H mambos and thick, damp body have given many a ladies man a tent-pole in his pants. This babe has a girl-next-door personality and a sensuous gleam in her eyes. A popular livecam angel, Mia turns heads in the real world just as much as this babe does on-camera.

XL Girls: When you are talking to a buck, what are some qualities u find glamourous?

Mia: I like a lad who can make me laugh and pay plenty of attention to me.

XL Girls: What makes you chortle the hardest?

Mia: Very naughty jokes!

XL Girls: What excites you, makes u lascivious?

Mia: I like it when a boy not fast touches my wrists. These are my weak points. Strange right?

XL Girls: Everybody has their enjoyable spots. Do you adore to talk smutty in bed?

Mia: Yep, I like to dirty-talk in ottoman!

XL Girls: What is something you have tried, but won’t ever do anew?

Mia: Be in a slight boat. I’m scared of drowning.

XL Girls: What superpower would you adore to have for one day?

Mia: Read people’s minds!

XL Girls: You’d be reading plenty of X-rated thoughts about you!

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