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Maya Milano – Stacked Like Whoa!

Stacked Like Whoa!

Stacked Love Whoa!

Writes Rex, “Maya Milano actually has the voluptuous body you are known for. Her thighs are the consummate ones to wrap around one’s neck.”

Charming Maya is completing her university degree. Her trips to discharge for SCORE have opened her eyes to recent possibilities. “I always enjoyed photography,” says Maya. “Now I’m more interested than ever. I adore glamour modeling and all the kind compliments I read at SCORELAND and in Voluptuous mag. It makes me feel special and everyone is so valuable.”

Maya was shy about showing her muff when that babe started posing in July, 2014. Nicole Peters, Valory Irene and other breasty women were coy also, at first. In this scene, Maya is now widening, fingering and getting bolder. It’s a fetching event when combined with the sight of her unbelievably big natural melons, the kind of knockers that make other gals envious and boys dazed and confused.

Yep, the sight of Maya Milano turns men’s brains into pudding. What a way to go.

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Kali Karinena – The yoga instructor isn’t wearing panties!

The yoga instructor isn’t wearing belts!

The yoga instructor isn't wearing briefs!

What’s going on here? Well, novice Kali Karinena is a yoga instructor, and she isn’t wearing knickers beneath her sheer hose. So when she bows over, Rocky, her scholar, receives a observe of her pussy that this chab can’t make almost certainly of. That stud does a double-take, and whaddya know? Yep, Kali isn’t wearing any panties, and that’s her nude muff!

Certainly, Kali pays attention the reaction in Rocky’s trousers. Hey, yoga practice can come later. The way Kali sees it, why waste a perfectly valuable hard-on? So they copulate right there in the studio, and Kali unveils off her gorgeous flexibility during the banging action, and when it’s all over, Kali has Rocky’s cum all over her face.

And that’s the story of Kali’s 1st time screwing on-camera.

Kali is 44 years aged. She’s married. She was born in Chicago and now lives in Southern California. That babe indeed is into yoga, and that is how that babe keeps in such great shape, but when we asked her about her hobbies, she said, “Sex is my hobby.” And this babe really doesn’t wear knickers.

“Why trouble?” this babe said. “They just click this link the way and slow things down.”

Kali is a short-haired, darksome brown gal with a wondrous face and a great body. She and her boyfriend are married couples; have been since the day they met. And she is into ass stab, which is a story for another day.

Yep, there will be some other day. You did not think Kali would fuck and run, did you?

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Samantha Lily – A Pair of Queens

A Couple of Queens

A Pair of Queens

Samantha Lily resembles she’s dressed for a night at the opera. Fortunately, Samantha’s staying in tonight and getting naked so we can relish that smashing body and her naturally large beautiful scones.

Samantha has been doing web digital camera flaunts for the past two years. “This is my first time modeling, and I decided to model when SCORE emailed me to glamour model,” told Samantha, a veterinary science major at a university.

“I do not have any specific hobbies. I adore to do many things. Helping people makes me feel fine. That is why I often make donations to sick kids and animals. And I adore to read news about science. I receive excited to know any news about medicine and healthy food. I also enjoy snowboarding if I can detect the time. It is not easy.”

Have joy Samantha now, lads, coz when she graduates and becomes a veterinarian, we may never see her anew in the muscular.

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Anna Beck – Three For Fun

Three For Enjoyment

Three For Joy

If jerking to Anna Beck working one penis is hot, then seeing her handle two is even hotter. With her M-cup boobies and plush curves, this babe of course is woman enough to handle two fellows. This is the second of two threeways Anna shot with us. The 1st was published final month and the response from the Brotherhood of XL Guys couldn’t have been more positive.

Wrote Gio: “I say bravo to XL GALS! What a worthwhile surprise! You offer us the fine Anna Beck with two bucks, and it is superb. Thank u very much!”

Wrote Seanster: “Wonderful episode and Anna is so worthy in a three-some! She’s one of the unsurpassable all naturals at the pont of time, and I hope we watch much more of her. :)”

Ask and u shall acquire, brothers. Anna looks as hot as ever today. And we know we say that a lot about her, but it is true. That babe resembles a hot librarian with her dark hair pulled back into a ponytail, thick rim glasses on and a white blouse that stands no chance of containing her super naturals.

And Marcel and Leny can not contain themselves when they see her. Their screw fest begins on the balcony in advance of the trio gather themselves a bit and head into the living room to finish what they started. Like all of Anna’s scenes, this one is hawt, enormous and intense. And it ends with hot man-gravy splattered on her perfect boobs.

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Chloe Rose – To Tap A Topheavy Texan

To Tap A Topheavy Texan

To Tap A Topheavy Texan

This babe can’t live with out plan to comic book conventions and episodes. Her prefered position is reverse cowgirl. Pleasing, juvenile and chesty Chloe Rose tells us what this babe is gonna do to her SCORELAND date and acquires hands-on as that babe describes the lustful details. Chloe’s girl-next-door voice is soft and sugary as this babe talks about getting a dong betwixt her knockers and more. We know nice times are coming.

Chloe spoken about her background between shoots. She has a pretty smile and her braces make her look younger than her age (she is Twenty five years aged).

SCORELAND: Those guys need to be checking out your chest all the time. How larger than typical are your milk sacks?

Chloe: I am a 38E.

SCORELAND: Did you initiate to develop late or early?

Chloe: Very early. I was a C-cup by 6th grade. I was a D-cup by the time I went to high school. And I was not quite a DDD-cup by graduation.

SCORELAND: Are they still growing?

Chloe: Yeah, they are. I went to the doctor not lengthy ago, and he told that they’d probably continue growing by a half cup per year.

SCORELAND: What was it love being the big busted girl in school?

Chloe: It was tough at times. Playing sports, other girls didn’t acquire to worry about certain things. I did ballet for a bit, and all the other girls were flat chested and could fit into anything. There were some costumes that just would not fit me because of my scones.

SCORELAND: So were you professional to play many sports?

Chloe: I danced and did ballet. I was truly into dance from tap stripping to jazz and hip-hop. I’m on the dance team now. I also played tons of basketball and soccer. I ran track for a bit, likewise.

We’re not going to have the enjoyment of seeing Chloe run, seeing these large heavy natural juggs bouncing and swaying. We’re intend to have to be content with watching how her sexy date with Tony works out!

Watch More of Chloe Rose at SCORELAND.COM!

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Katherine Merlot – Fuck that hot 73-year-old cunt!

Screw that hot 73-year-old twat!

Fuck that hot 73-year-old slit!

“I think you can be spruce and raunchy, if that makes any sense,” said redhead Katherine Merlot, a 73-year-old divorcee who lives in the eastern United States. “I try to be elegant in the way I dress and carry myself, but when I’ve sex with a skirt chaser, the dirtiest things will come without my face hole.”

“Fuck that hot twat,” Katherine tells Juan in this scene. “I can’t receive enough of that youthful weenie!” Then that babe opens her mouth for his load and plays with it in her mouth.

Katherine too told us, “My clit is very sensitive. I absolutely like when a woman chaser kisses it and licks it passionately. I feel each little thing they do and it acquires me in the mood love nothing else. When I rub it during sex, it sends me over the edge.”

Go over the edge with Katherine. Jack to that 73-year-old cookie!

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Sydney – Sydney fucks her son’s best friend

Sydney fucks her son’s unsurpassable friend

Sydney fucks her son's superlatively wonderful friend

This scene opens with Sydney, a 48-year-old HORNY HOUSEWIFE from Nevada, in couch with her hubby. This babe acquires out of ottoman, puts on a robe and sneaks out of the room. She thinks her partner is asleep, but this chab appears to be to know what she’s up to.

Anyway, Sydney walks into the living room and sees her son’s superlatively worthy friend jacking off on the couch, so this babe dips down into her panties and rubs her cookie. Hey, this is what she came for, and it turns out he’s already got his dick up. Flawless!

So Brad is jacking below the sheets and Sydney’s diddling her vagina, and maybe this babe groans too loudly ‘coz that stud sees her.

“It’s okay,” Sydney says, sat down next to him. “My husband’s upstairs fast asleep and Joey’s upstairs rogering his girlfriend.”

“Oh, I see how it goes,” Brad says.

But does this chab?

“I just wanted to know if I could sit and watch u,” Sydney says.

Check out?

“I was kind of thinking about u in any case,” he says.

So Sydney sits there watching her son’s best friend jerk off, then that babe reaches over and decides to assist him with her hand. And with her mouth. And with her vagina. Meanwhile, her hubby’s upstairs wondering why he’s the solely one in the abode not getting any.

Maybe that Lothario should just log onto 40SomethingMag.com.

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