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Voluptuous Holiday 2007: 50 Photos of Sunshine

Voluptuous Holiday 2007: Fifty Photos of Sunshine

Sunshine’s not a big talker in general but when she does talk about sex, Sushine’s always willing to back up her words in front of the cameras with lusty sucking and screwing. Her milk sacks were made to screw. What this babe does to this dude’s bulky is great toss off fuel. There are sufficient jackin-spirational images in this one photo-shoot to final for a month, judging by our man-hose meter. Your need to give this lads some credit. This chab walked with out the studio underneath his own force after this exhausting date with Sunshine.

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Plumpers: 25 Photos of Sienna Hills

Plumpers: Twenty five Pix of Sienna Hills

A uncommon glimpse of a unique situation. We could not make up a story like this. Sienna Hills is a magnificent recent XL Cuties discovery. This sexy beauty really owns a news store that sells SCORE Group magazines! As the boss lady of the very successful 12th Street News Stand at 7307 Kanis Road in Little Rock, Arkansas, Sienna says that SCORE Group magazines pull in the customers. “Your magazines are my finest sellers,” Sienna told V-Mag and XLGirls editor FLOYD Phillips and XLGirls.com editor Elliot DANNY. “My customers said I should be in XL Cuties so I sent in some shots after looking at BeASCOREModel.com and got invited on an all-expenses paid trip to Miami to be photographed. I can not wait to have magazines with my pix on my shelves. I hope readers will prevent by and see me in person!” View all those copies of the SCORE Specific magazine, Swimsuit Busters! We love traditional newsstands and the fact that it’s owned by a huge-boobed honey makes it even more breathtaking. We hereby nominate Sienna as Store Owner of The Year. Looks at these love muffins!

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Sandra Romain: 27:11 Minute Video of Sandra Romain

Sandra Romain: 27:11 Minute Movie of Sandra Romain

Let us tell you about Sandra Romain. Gorgeous and hot. She’s European-born (can u guess by her name where this babe was born?) and this babe lives in USA. Sandra is one of the hottest hotties we have ever had the pleasure to invite to the SCORE studio. We placed her in BootyLicious coz that babe has an fantastic booty. Big, yet not sloppy. Round and firm and taut yet strong. The flawless butt? Maybe. View that a-hole get impaled. This is real wank material for red-blooded, wanton dudes. This episode alone is worth a month’s membership.

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SCORE January 2008: 100 Photos of Terry Nova

SCORE January 2008: 100 Fotos of DEAN Nova

What’s it like to be around a big group of people for an entire week on a secluded, tropical island for a week and not be talented to communicate with any of them?

What was it like to be ADAM Nova during our week in Eleuthera, The Bahamas?
I can imagine it must have been a little lonely. I don’t know. NATHAN always looked like she was having a precious time, but that babe also always looked like that babe wanted to say smth but could not say it…because none of us would understand what she was saying.

In Eleuthera, there wasn’t a single person who spoke more than a diminutive in number words of Czech. But JOEL didn’t exactly receive the silent treatment. U know how when people try to communicate with a person whose language they don’t speak, they’ll speak extra sluggishly, as if speaking lazily can break the language barrier? There was plenty of that going on. Plenty of body language, too.

Terry’s 42-28-36 body with F-cup tits-I think they might be more like H-cups because she is definitely as big breasted as Christy Marks was the talk of the island. And that’s saying smth! The gals were all amazed by Terry’s body: massive, full milk shakes; a big, bangable a-hole; thick, buxom hips. And, on top of all that, a curvaceous waist. “Built like a brick shithouse” might be a cliché, but it’s an appropriate description of Terry’s body. I caught Angela White drooling over her numerous times.

The great thing about GREG is that she doesn’t must be told how to be sexy. She understands the power that babe has over chaps, and this babe knows how to give ’em just the right look, do the right thing. I loved walking up the stairs behind EDDIE. She always wore wazoo shorts, and that was quite a view. I would’ve said, “Nice wazoo.” But that babe would not have understood me.

Besides, this babe knows.

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Mother Daughter Fuck – Blindfolded Boyfriend


Meet Braiden. He’s the latest man that my daughter and I have shared. This fellow came over to our house contemplating to screw my daughter. Well, this dude did end up sticking his pecker into her, but he got a lot more than this ladies man expected. Click on the photo above to watch clip episodes from our wicked adventure with Braiden from Mama Daughter Shag.

When Braiden came over, my daughter blindfolded him. That dude was thinking this babe get to be into smth kinky, but he had no idea how perverted. That skirt chaser has a very amazing sized schlong and my daughter can’t wait to ride it. I cant either and it’s not lengthy in advance of we switch spots and I get my turn with his rod. He doesn’t even notice a difference until this chab pulls off the blindfold. That smooth operator is shocked but that gent doesn’t avoid screwing me. In fact, now this chab copulates me even harder. That man lifts me up by my legs and starts pounding my fur pie!

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MILF Combo Meal

MILFVixen.com unveils us the funnest way to have a quickie combo meal for your lunch break. This favourable chap and these two super-slut Mommy I’D LIKE TO FUCK’s acquire to enjoy some sausage, a fish sandwich and a taco, and if they eat it right they even acquire frothy drinks.


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XL Theater: 22:07 Minute Video of Vida Sadora

XL Theater: 22:07 Minute Movie scene of Vida Sadora

Vida Sadora is throwing a intimate party just for your pocket-pole in this quiet apartment. You are right on top of her titties and widen fur pie as this babe talks impure and asks you to bonk her hawt vagina. A very hawt hotty, Vida begs for tit squeezing, pinching and rubbing as she lies on the couch. Cover every inch of her body in RONALD sauce because that’s what this little vixen is asking for. She’s into feeling worthy and gooey all over. Clitty caressing is what receives Vida cumming the almost all and that babe likes the feeling of being filled with a 10-Pounder or toy whilst she works that big clit.

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