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Sharon Pink – Sexually Driven

Sexually Driven

Sexually Driven

Sexbomb Sharon Pink doesn’t speak English so we’ve a local translator at her shoots to cover all the bases. Majority of the time, Sharon doesn’t need a translation of what the photographers crave. This babe knows exactly what to do and how to do it.

Sharon could write a guidebook to exposed sexy undressed modeling and hardcore porn episodes. Hanging out with Sharon Pink is more good than taking a Viagra. That babe receives boyz boob drunk.

“Sharon is so banging hawt,” wrote Jim. “A gorgeous face, an breathtaking body, great wobblers, fascinating cunt and a hot gazoo, and ready to take on 2 unyielding schlongs at one time, u just gotta adore a mistress like this.”

Sharon one time said that her dream is to have an orgy with a bunch of sailors and just her. There is no doubt that babe would discover the navies of all countries willing to make that a reality.

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Phoenix Skye – Phoenix wants a creampie

Phoenix desires a spunk pie

Phoenix wants a creampie

Some people see their retirement as a time for relaxation and leisure. They wanna take it easy, play golf, maybe pick up a new hobby. But not Phoenix. For this 64-year-old divorcee, retirement means more time to suck and bonk all day lengthy. It means getting to explore all the kinky things she missed out on in her younger years. It means coming into our studio and getting rogered in front of a digital camera.

“My teats are always hard and very sensitive,” Phoenix said. “I made myself cum on the plane journey from Dallas to Florida. The lad sat next to me didn’t even know what I was doing. I just brushed my areolas against the book I was reading and came quietly.”

And here this babe cums once more, this time taking control of the situation and telling her petticoat chaser exactly what she craves.

“I love being assertive at times and being unrepining at others,” Phoenix told. “I can be a romantic and I can be very wicked, also. Once, my hubby took me out for a valuable dinner with wine, then this guy took me into an alley and banged me. I am sure people saw us, but that made it even more fine.”

People are seeing her here, taking a jism pie in her old muff.

“That definitely makes it better.”

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Scarlet LaVey – Tattoo Exploration

Tattoo Exploration

Tattoo Exploration

Along with Dors Feline, Marilyn Mayson and SCORE’s Lolly Ink and Sabrina Linn, Scarlet LaVey is one of our almost all inked adult models. The dark-skinned brown looker been modeling for 2 years and got her first tattoo when she was 18 years-old. In this particular episode, Scarlet explains the origin and personal meaning of some of her many esoteric skin illustrations. That babe describes the process of being tattooed and what the sensations are adore when she is on the artist’s table. What drew Scarlet LaVey to tattoos and proceeds to delve deeper into this form of body modification? What kind of tats and pix does this babe love most of all? Why does that babe, and other tattoo enthusiasts, turn their bodies into canvases for living art in the first place? What’s behind her motivation and what draws ’em into the world of illustrated people? What body parts does Scarlet say she’ll by no means tattoo? Those questions and more are answered by Scarlet LaVey in Tattoo Exploration.

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Leanne Crow – Get Fit With Leanne

Acquire Fit With Leanne

Get Fit With Leanne

Leanne Crow can’t live without to keep fit and maintain that gorgeously Big-Boob body. Our digi camera was there as Leanne used the fitness equipment to have a wonderful, vigorous work-out. Feast your eyes on those bouncing mambos straining to free themselves from her sports bra.

Leanne uses the treadmill, the elliptical and then does some hand weight exercises. This babe examines herself in the mirror after her work-out. Time for a refreshing shower and cool-down. The water oozes down Leanne’s mammoth naturals and stacked body. These hand-held shower heads are actually great. While Leanne’s soaping and showering, she is still putting on a brandish. There’s no debate that Leanne has one of the almost all spectacular bodies in the complete history of big-bust glamour modeling, and that includes Cro-Magnon Males drawing beauties on their cave walls.

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Ria Sakuragi – Wall Flower

Wall Flower

Wall Flower

Wide-eyed Ria Sakuragi knows no English. Our Japanese is limited to words we learned from Hitomi, Ria’s friend. But that’s okay. Ria’s body speaks for itself. Her trademarks are her unyielding nipples and brown areolae.

Ria’s knockers are very pliable and mashable during the time that her body is super-slim. She’s love the Japanese counterpart of Lillian Faye or going further back in time, Mariana, an Israeli.

Ria lives in Okayama but travels around Japan appearing at video stores and night exotic dancing clubs. Japanese tit-men are no different than their American and European counterparts and they’ll voyage to see Ria when this babe is at a store near them.

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Charlie Cooper – Big Girl Strip Club

Big Girl Exotic dancing club

Big Goddess Undress Club

Could you handle the wicked act in a intimate hot dance room with Charlie Cooper rogering u in bad-girl poses, touching with tongue and engulfing your balls, sucking and jacking your rock-hard prick? This is the place to be!

We don’t often manage exotic dancing clubs but if we did, it would be the Big Goddess Lap dancing club and Charlie would be one of our star lap dancers. And this babe would be free to go wild in the VIP room where the washable furniture is very suitable for lap bouncing and won’t stick to a girl’s booty.

This player is about to get the gogo dance grind of his life and a complete lot more when Charlie drops her giant, firm fun bags over his meat-club and rubs it unbending so this babe can worship it. Too bad there’re so few hot dance disrobe clubs in the real world that hire dancers as stacked as Charlie. Sadly, there are nearly no exotic dancing clubs for boyz who like the bigger ladies.

Charlie isn’t a gogo dancer for real, just in your juggalicious fantasies. In the real world, Charlie’s a CNA (certified nursing assistant). That babe doesn’t lap dance her geriatric patients (likewise dangerous) but at least they have some buxom eye-candy to drool over.

We are super-fans of Charlie Cooper. She is outstanding and so hawt. What a body. What a face. Please, Charlie, sit on our laps and bounce.

This XXX scene is also on DVD in Big Beauty Club accessible from eBoobStore.com.

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Maggie Green – Tank Topped

Tank Topped

Tank Topped

Maggie Green basically needs to be greased down to acquire with out those super-tight jeans. We’re sure there is no shortage of volunteers to help Maggie in that, and other tasks.

Maggie keeps herself in super shape. She is always been athletic. The substantiation is in the pictures. She does plenty of exercise.

“I do tons of cardio. I’m a bigger in size than standard fan of Zumba. I’m a bigger in size than typical fan of spinning and I do Body Pump. I’m too gonna be a Body Pump instructor. I am a large fan of that. Body Pump is an hour-long class. It is all weights, and it is high-repetition, low-weights, so u do squats for love five-to-seven minutes with out a break. It’s a really worthwhile workout. I enjoy it.”

All of this keeps Maggie fit, and fit for banging, when this babe visits SCORE! And to think in 2009 Maggie merely showed her wobblers. Do you see the benefits of what patience can bring?

“I started off glamorous mild, but observe me now!” says Maggie.

Watch More of Maggie Green at SCORELAND.COM!

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