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Veronika – Cock Drainer #3

Schlong Drainer #3

Cock Drainer #3

Veronika was a blond bra-buster who made a splash, dropped with out sight and returned a few years later as a redhead. She was a little bustier, boasted more of a brickhouse bod and still loved everything related to rock hard boners on film.

This classic is a hardcore scene which was featured in the DVD, SCORE Penis Drainers. Veronkia banged a cocksman aptly dubbed, Mr. Trousersnake. This chab quickly jumps Veronika’s bones, rushing her like a defensive end would in football. This is the kind of buck a breasty playgirl adore Veronika desires.

“I have to have sex with a woman chaser,” Veronika said our staffers with the aid of a translator. “I think I would go mad if I did not have a buck inside my pussy for more than a week. I don’t care what a guy’s face bears a resemblance to. This dude can be unsightly for all I care, but if this dude can copulate rock hard for a lengthy time, that’s wonderful for me.”

Veronika is not sure what her plans are for the future, but that babe desires to keep rogering on digi camera for at least a scarcely any more years. We’ll have u for as lengthy as you’d like, Veronika.

Watch More of Veronika at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

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Sally D’Angelo – Finally 60, finally ass-fucked

Lastly 60, finally ass-fucked

Finally 60, lastly ass-fucked

What does it mean when Rocky slips his finger in Sally D’Angelo’s constricted arsehole in photo no. 30 of this set? And then keeps his finger firmly inserted in her rectal hole for six more pics?

It means Sally is finally intend to receive ass-fucked on-camera!

That’s right! In her fifth bonk scene, this just-turned-60-year-old wife, Mom, grandmother and all-around schlong paramour is plan to take a jock up her wazoo. Not that we’re surprised. After all, Sally has been spending tons of time with Rita Daniels, and Rita has taken it up her gazoo every which way for our cameras. Rita and Sally even had a three-way, and u had to figure Sally wasn’t about to allow herself to get one-upped-her-ass by Rita much longer.

“I’ve had anal invasion with my boyfriend and with my husband in my butt and some other lad in my slit,” Sally told. “That was hawt, but I had to have a not many drinks to get there!”

This babe did not need a not many drinks this time. That babe was ready to acquire ass-fucked the second that babe walked into our studio. And did that babe enjoy it? Well, we didn’t ask her. We didn’t have to. Sally’s groans of enjoyment echoed through the building, and that was with the doors to the studio locked.

So here’s Sally. Ass-fucked. Vixen, we always knew you’d have it in u.

Watch More of Sally D’Angelo at 60PLUSMILFS.COM!

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Sha Rizel – Sha In Charge

Sha In Charge

Sha In Charge

“A lot of bucks will bring me flowers and invite me out to dinner. Also, some studs invite me to go sailing with them. That is very enjoyment. Each lady can’t live without feeling attractive and knowing that chaps admire u. But sometimes it can be a bit also much. There should be a balance to it. Chaps shouldn’t just stare all the time. They should sometimes check out my eyes.”

Those words are by Sha Rizel in an interview. Worthwhile. Enjoyable. Bewitching. And now prepare for something completely unlike SCORE‘s Greenhorn of the Year 2013.

Here is a side of Sha Rizel you haven’t observed. General Sha has taken over and no one leaves until Sha gets the information she needs. You are un-cordially invited to be questioned by her. That babe has ways of making you talk that no dude can resist. Beatings, sleep-deprivation, torment, drugs, hypnosis, extortion? Bah, these are mature, obsolete techniques of interrogation and information extraction. Sha’s approach is absolutely different and leaves no bruises. You’ll be begging Sha for the privilege of spilling out everything by the time this babe is done with u. U will see in this photo widen and clip, Sha In Charge. Now…where have u hidden your rigid drive?

See More of Sha Rizel at SCORELAND.COM!

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Angel DeLuca – An Angel For Two Fuckers

An Cutie For 2 Fuckers

An Angel For Two Fuckers

This is Angel DeLuca’s first trio at XLGirls.com-an event not to be missed. The nice-looking and well-endowed Angel has sexed it in three previous XLGirls scenes. Now, the statuesque angel cranks up the heavenly heat in her fourth fleshly caper, a well-shot sex reveal with DeSergio and Rubino. Our canoodle-cam has captured a steamer. Angel’s erotic talents are one as well as the other raw and sensual at the same. This babe is seductress #1.

“I’m masterful in general,” says Goddess, who is bisex. “I’m at no time compliant. I do have uncommon moments when I’m not necessarily in control, but I am not letting them take control, either. So it is just a mutual experience in these cases.” Actually, this trio looks mutual with no one playing a masterful role.

“I actually have quite a dunky clit. Everyone tells me that I really have quite a dunky muff. Everyone that has go into contact with my love tunnel. I am not sure if that is a compliment. Is that a admirable thing? It is very tight. I can not receive more than two fingers in there. If the shlong is really thick, my bawdy cleft accommodates it. As lengthy as the jock is doing what it’s supposed to be doing and keeping me juicy, we’re all wonderful.”

Angel’s 2 fuckers make sure to make things all nice. After all, Goddess inspires crave.

Watch More of Goddess DeLuca at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Minka – Minka Jackumentary

Minka Jackumentary

Minka Jackumentary

October 2014 SCORE mag (on-sale July 8th, 2014) will mark 20 years since Minka’s initial debut in October 1994 issue. That in itself in the world of big-bust nude modeling is a major achievement when so many glamour models come and go.

Before becoming a dancer and model, Minka was a ranked tennis player, something that remains her excitement to this day.

“One day, I was playing in the Asian Olympic Games in Chicago, and my friend, she’s a plastic surgeon, that babe and I were showering jointly and this babe told to me, ‘Why don’t you get into the men’s magazines? Do not train tennis. How much cash can u make teaching tennis?’

“I did not even know about the magazines. I had by no means watched ’em. So this babe brought SCORE mag tomorrow, and this babe said she’d at no time watched any cover of SCORE with an Oriental goddess. This babe told, ‘You have a photogenic face. You’re intend to make it.’ When my friend showed me the mag, I saw the telephone number and that’s what I called. I sent 3 Polaroid pictures. In all the pictures, I had a natural smile on my face. And it was plan to be the 1st time an Oriental angel was on the cover. That was very important to me.”

Minka was in fact the 1st Oriental adult model to become a covergirl in the big-bust mag category.

“So John Graham got the fotos, then this chab called my abode. That charmer said, ‘An airplane ticket is intend to be at your abode in one or two days. I wish u to come to UK.’ That’s it. So I went to Great Britain. And this chab took a test picture and told I’d be on the cover, and then he told that I would be a feature dancer. I followed what Lisa Lipps and Casey James were doing. I didn’t know how to dance that way. I did not know how to sing. I did not know how to take off the attractive clothes. But I knew how to smile, and I learned what to do.”

This Jackumentary pays tribute to Minka’s longevity and popularity although Minka’s done so much that solely a DVD (Maximum Minka) could do her justice

“I knew I could do it, but tons of girls back then were stuck up. They did not talk to me. And I thought, ‘Wait.’ And now, everybody’s gone, and I’m here! And I’m plan to be here next year!”

Watch More of Minka at SCORELAND.COM!

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Melissa Mandlikova – Knocked Up

Knocked Up

Knocked Up

If u were to list some of the SCORE or V-mag adult models you’d predict would A) receive preggy and B) pose pregnant, who would u list? Would blonde Czech cupcake Melissa Mandlikova be on that list?

Melissa contacted one of our photographers with the news that this babe was knocked-up, SCORE asked her about posing. At first somewhat hesitant (Melissa was always the relatively demure type since 2006 when she first started modeling for SCORE), Melissa thought about it and decided to let the other shoe drop, so to speak.

Melissa is six months preggo in this photo widen and accompanying video. The fair-skinned golden-haired stunner now carries a massive abdomen bump, her bigger in size than average hooters are larger and her once-pale areolae are a unfathomable, darksome brown, the color of Columbian coffee, as her hormones flood her body and produce more pigment, a natural part of the pregnancy cycle.

There’s another Melissa video and pictorial and it will be published next month at SCORELAND. Thank’s, Melissa Mandlikova!

See More of Melissa Mandlikova at SCORELAND.COM!

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Roxanne Miller – Monokini Madness

Monokini Madness

Monokini Madness

Roxanne is temporarily concealing a skimpy monokini under her dinner date suit. Does this babe have a permit for this concealed feminine weapon? That babe doesn’t take lengthy to slip without it. If u went to the beach or to a pool with Roxanne and that babe wore that, what would be going through your mind?

We asked Roxanne to list a scarcely any of her favorite things.

Much loved nightclub: “Being a rock ‘n’ roll lady, I most like the metal pubs. They are cheap, they smell love beer and cigs and the music is loud and precious.”

Much loved singer: “Morrissey and Johnny Money for male and Tori Amos and Bjork for lady. But there are so many that I adore. If it sounds a bit odd, I’ll adore it!”

Beloved tour spot: “I traveled around Europe and I did have pleasure all of it. There’re countries that make me want to find more of them, such as France, Belgium and Germany. But I too wish to watch South America, Canada, USA, Asia…long story short, I want to visit all of the world!”

Watch More of Roxanne Miller at XLGIRLS.COM!

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