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Bikini Glam Girl

Swimsuit Glam Gal

Bikini Glam Girl

Lana Ivans has her own special brand of Euro-sexy, kittenish personality and happy-go-lucky style. She is savouring the ride and savoring every minute.

In a group atmosphere, this babe is Miss Popularity. We found that out in Portugal and the Dominican Republic. Romanian cupcake Lana told that a diet rich in corn made her boobs grow. This babe has an wazoo to worship likewise.

Romania is still the undiscovered country for great sweethearts with great pointer sisters. Many Romanian angels gravitate to web cams since it appears to be to be the merely venue for modeling unless they model for companies outside the country. If you’re in Romania, and you know a girl as sexy and as stacked adore Lana Ivans, tell her to visit BeASCOREModel.com. We’re counting on them to love-bomb the world with Romanian mambos.

Watch More of Lana Ivans at SCORELAND.COM!

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The Fantasy Bride

The Dream Bride

The Dream Bride

They say the world’s smallest handcuffs are wedding rings.

Well, here’s that Pacific-Northwesterner Tiggle Bitties out to stir it up on a fantasy wedding trip. It is a honeymoon of scoops and brides love Tiggle do not cum along each evening of the year. Tig needed to have that gown form-fitted for her super-curvy body and mind-blowing mambos, magnificant whoppers that give you uncontrollable fits.

Tig’s got a talent for cosplay. Scholar, fetish lady, cocktail server…but bride is the utmost yet. U can skip the pre-nuptial bachelor party. Who needs a stripper and beer-bloated bros with this honeymoon honey to play with in a love-nest?

“I indeed forget sometimes that I have large bouncy bosoms,” told Tiggle. who’s by no means left the Top Rated 20 since that babe eloped to SCORELAND. “I’ll be looking at a picture of me, and I’m adore, ‘Wow! I can not believe these are mine!’ I have lots of studs allies, and they say they play with their rods just ‘coz they’re there. It is the same thing for me. I am playing with them ‘cuz they’re there ‘cuz they’re squishy and warm and fun. And u know, being a glamour model tops everything I have done previous to this.”

See More of Tiggle Bitties at SCORELAND.COM!

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Weighs On Your Mind

Weighs about On Your Mind

Weighs On Your Mind

Maserati and X-Man Carlos Rios have a scientific experiment to conduct. The myth: what common household items weigh the same as Maserati’s super-breasts?

The team has their scale and the objects to be weighed: a stapler, a big book, an electronic box and a two-liter bottle of soda. How do every of those items compare in weight to her boobies?

The experiment begins.

The result? The heaviest item was the soda bottle at five pounds. Maserati’s left breast alone weighs about seven pounds.

After the myth has been busted, a fresh experiment starts. The question: can Maserati make Carlos’ larger than average jock disappear? The answer is elementary but the pleasure is in getting to the solution. We love Maserati.

Maserati is not solely a myth-buster and a bra-buster, this babe is a nut-buster!

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The Belly Dancer

The Stomach Dancer

The Abdomen Dancer

Memories of Sophie Mae and her stomach dancing skills come to mind. SCORELAND receives small in number glamour models who practice belly stripping. When Demmy Blaze said she started belly stripping, we had to watch her swiveling and doing her moves. This babe brought her belly exotic dancing dress with her to add to the flavor of her spectacle. How much Demmy enjoys this kind of exotic dancing can be read on her face. She is beaming as this babe shakes her haunches and marangos in this Bonus clip.

Watch More of Demmy Blaze at SCORELAND.COM!

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46-year-old Alexis fucks a 26-year-old

46-year-old Alexis screws a 26-year-old

46-year-old Alexis bonks a 26-year-old

In her second scene, captivating, long-legged blond Alexis Starr takes on the 10-Pounder of a 26-year-old. Alexis is 46, so he’s youthful sufficient to be her son. He isn’t, certainly. But Alexis, who’s divorced, is a Mommy and a grandmother.

It’s actually extraordinary how precious these grandmothers look. Inspect the opening pix, in which Alexis is wearing a short, very taut suit. She’s standing at the top of a staircase, and when the smooth operator walks in and looks up, he can not make no doubt of the observe. Talk about upskirt! Alexis is too a supple woman, so the gent shags her during the time that standing up. It is a heckuva initial appearance for this British SEXY HOUSEWIFE.

Alexis lives in London, UK, and this babe told, “The chaps I adore have two eyes, a heartbeat and a unyielding dick. Most people I know wouldn’t be surprised to watch me here. I am a self-confessed exhibitionist.”

Alexis isn’t a swinger or a nudist, but she has been a hot dancer. No surprise with that body. And she detected us; she sent us her fotos. We told, “Come on down!”

Alexis is a soccer fan. Her team is Tottenham Hotspur. That babe works with rescue dogs. She can’t live with out to go out wearing “long leather boots with a glamourous coat and very little below.”

She’s our kind of female-dominator.

See More of Alexis Starr at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

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Milly Marks: Rated XXX For Sex

Milly Marks: Rated XXX For Sex

Milly Marks: Rated XXX For Sex

And now for Milly’s more-than-eagerly awaited 1st boy-girl scene. A chat primes the pump in advance of the hump. It’s getting to know Milly time first. You’ll see that 20-year-old Milly has a very down-to-earth, very direct approach to sex.

SCORELAND: What did you adore better, shooting the still photos or the video, and why?

Milly: As much as I loved shooting the videos, I suppose I had more fun shooting the pictures cuz I was getting screwed but also I could talk and be my naive self whilst doing it.

SCORELAND: Had u ever met a adept porn performer in person previous to this scene?

Milly: At not time! But this guy was down to earth and just a normal person which was really worthy and relieving.

SCORELAND: What kind of advice or tutoring did your husband give you previous to or during this shoot?

Milly: This chab said me to just unwind and relish myself. This chab said me to go with the flow and don’t worry about it…that it would come marvelous naturally. And this fellow was right, it absolutely did.

SCORELAND: Are you gonna masturbate or bonk or have sex with a goddess whenever you view your first hardcore?

Milly: I’m not sure which one of those I’ll do but definitely one of them. I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be banging a angel the 1st time I see it. That is just ‘cuz I don’t have sex with angels as much as I would like to but it is one of my prefered pastimes.

SCORELAND: Compared to regular lads you’ve dated, how did you discover your 1st accustomed ladies man as a sex boyfriend?

Milly: Well he has a big wonderful wang for one and that is not smth I have ever gotten used to. However it’s something I would love to receive used to ‘coz it was terrific. That ladies man too had a lot more skill than probably anyone I’ve ever had sex with.

SCORELAND: Milly Marks, please come back soon.

Watch More of Milly Marks at SCORELAND.COM!

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Fantasy Motel Fucking

Fantasy Motel Screwing

Fantasy Motel Fucking

Scandinavian SCORE Gal Puma Swede declares that Swedish girls are the hottest honey bunnys on earth. The Nordic nookie-star states for the record that Swedish angels are the finest copulates. You may object to Puma’s declaration of Viking girl-power but we not at all debate hot vixens. This copulate scene was shot in a fantasy motel that caters to the quickie cheaters’ crowd and this room is designed love the Hollywood version of an Egyptian temple.

Puma didn’t get dicked until that babe was Eighteen years mature. “I was a horse nerd. I went to the stable all the time. I was afraid of fellows. I had no interest in fashion soever. I don’t know what happened. Later on, I discovered boys. I identified going out, partying and drinking, and from that, I went nuts and it hasn’t prevented yet. I had to make up for all these years I missed before I was Eighteen. My first time was no thing specific. I was more cheerful that I got it done so I could go back to school and say, ‘I did it.’ I was probably the last one, but whatever. I did it.”

Watch More of Puma Swede at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

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