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The Smiley Show

The Smiley Brandish

The Smiley Show

High above Toronto, statuesque Smiley Emma brings her own peculiar style of razzle-dazzle to the large expose at XL Angels.

XLGirls: We love your smiling. Are you a born optimist?

Emma: I wouldn’t say I’m a born optimist as I do have my pessimistic tendencies but I do not let things stop me from smiling and trying to put a smile on others’ faces.

XLGirls: You can suck your teat and hold your boob with your throat, hands-free. A particular talent.

Emma: I can and do very often when I am online camming.

XLGirls: What kinds of questions do the cam audiences ask you?

Emma: The almost all common question I get is what size my mellons are and when did I commence developing them.

XLGirls: How did you receive into the web digi camera world in the 1st place?

Emma: I was looking for a fresh job and my fiance had mentioned I would make a killing at camming as a joke but then we seriously started considering it. After much discussion I finally decided to take the plunge and have been appreciating it ever since.

XLGirls: Sometimes we receive the impression that fellows go into a cam-room to chat and not ask the adult models to do anything. Or are we not right?

Emma: I’ve plenty of people that come to my chat room just to talk about music, videos, movie scene games and other things whether I am fully clothed or not and I even have some intimate displays that I will remain fully clothed and just chat. That being said, I’ve a lot of people that come to my room and immediately ask me to do smth love display my tits or booty. As lengthy as they tip appropriately, I’m happy to comply!

XLGirls: Do you know any other big busted Canadians who’d wanna glamour model for us?

Emma: Not at this time but I will keep an eye out.

Watch More of Smiley Emma at XLGIRLS.COM!

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64-year-old Diamond and the 28-year-old

64-year-old Diamond and the 28-year-old

64-year-old Diamond and the 28-year-old

Codey is 28 years mature. This buck is the son of 64-year-old Diamond Red‘s superlatively admirable friend. She’s known the kid for a long time. Observed him grow up. Wondered whether he’d ever lose the nerd glasses and upgrade from the geek gorgeous raiment. Realized that under those glasses and that plaid shirt, there might be a sexy chap.

Well, Codey asked Diamond if this chab could borrow her laptop. Why? Who knows? Maybe so he could check out Diamond’s scenes at 60PlusMILFs.com. Is that a possibility? Well, really, it’s. Cuz Diamond catches Codey jacking off to porn on her laptop.

At this point, quick thinking is needed on Diamond’s part. First of all, if Codey keeps jacking and sprays his jism, this chab might ruin her screen. Second, since his penis is out…and since he’s always appeared to be to love Diamond…and since nobody’s around…. Diamond goes down on his 10-Pounder, and the joy starts. By the way, these pics give recent meaning to the term “pearl necklace.”

To refresh your memory since it is been a while since we’ve viewed Diamond in act, she’s a divorcee, Mama and grandmother from Scottdale, Arizona. She was identified by 60Plus HORNY HOUSEWIFE Leah L’Amour. That babe is a sexy redhead with a tight body. This babe is a nudist and a swinger, but that babe said us, “At first I was coy and did not think I’d be comfortable having sex with somebody who wasn’t my husband, but I got over that real fast!”

Watch More of Diamond Red at 60PLUSMILFS.COM!

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Sundae Kind of Girl

Sundae Kind of Beauty

Sundae Kind of Girl

Every day is sundae with Janet Jade. She’s yummy and lovely sufficient without the whipped spunk, cherries and sprinkles. Turning her shapely body into an ice man juice tray in our kitchen, Janet inspires the want to take up with the tongue the creamy confection right off her titties. This babe gives herself a tongueing to satisfy her pleasing tooth.

Janet knows this babe is particular. We have told her sufficient times. Talk about a girl who’s pure eye candy. Janet Jade is a human candy bar. Pleasant on the inside, fascinating on the out side and packed with damp goodness.

See More of Janet Jade at SCORELAND.COM!

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Double Stuffed

Double Stuffed

Double Stuffed

Soaked Skyie Blew wants to lose weight! She’s contemplating giving life to the worst nightmare of a thick gal lover. This babe Programmed by the unmerciful ones who produce vids, celebrity magazines and reality TV urging sweethearts to become so thin their shadows weigh more, Skyie is being hypnotized and brainwashed into an unrealistic way of living.

Our phony doctors are interventionists who have concocted a scheme to prevent this insanity. Claiming to be operators of a weight loss clinic as a cover, they are desperately trying to bring bulky women to their senses, through confidence-building techniques adore tag-team banging and sucking. They are trying their utmost, one beauty at a time.

See More of Skyie Blew at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Beauty & The Bath

Ravisher & The Baths

Beauty & The Bath

Cosplayer, Latex fetishist and big-tit and breast expansion lover, Ariane Saint-Amour is one of Montreal’s best-known models. Her knockers measure 40 inches and that babe usually wears a 30J under garment.

SCORELAND: What style of bras do u buy?

Ariane: Change and Curvy Kate are my two prefered brassiere companies but if they fit, I’ll buy ’em!

SCORELAND: What kind of dates do you like to go on?

Ariane: Worthwhile food, worthy company, a hookah bar or an arcade. An afternoon at a museum likewise!

SCORELAND: Any erotic fantasies?

Ariane: Dickgirls.

SCORELAND: Are you sexually confident or passive?

Ariane: I’m a switch.

SCORELAND: What is almost all sexually gratifying?

Ariane: A buck and a girl or 2…

See More of Ariane Saint-Amour at SCORELAND.COM!

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Sexy Kitty

Sexy Kitty

Sexy Kitty

The word cute may not come to mind when checking out the curvy bod of hawt honey Kitty Cute. This babe has more curves than the mountain roads of Romania’s Carpathian Mountains.

SCORELAND: Do u have any raunchy dreams?

Kitty: My dream is to have sex in an elevator.

SCORELAND: How would u describe your sexual personality?

Kitty: Passive. The gent should be the leader in sex.

SCORELAND: What satisfies you?

Kitty: A precious massage and nice blow job.

SCORELAND: What about perverted play?

Kitty: I do not have any. I most like usual sex. I have no fetishes or interest in fetish.

Watch More of Kitty Cute at SCORELAND.COM!

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Sexy Secretary

Sexy PA

Sexy Secretary

“People tell me I’ve a fascinating body and worthwhile funbags,” said hawt receptionist Ann Calis. “When I hear that, I feel good. I don’t care for crude remarks. Sometimes chaps say this to shock. I try not to pay attention. I can tell who is a gentleman when I watch him before this chab says a word.”

Love most chesty ladies, Ann has to spend more time on her brassiere and top selections than less-gifted gals.

“I have to buy bras from specific stores and that takes time. I don’t adore to buy on the web. If they do not fit properly, it is uncomfortable to wear. Most fellows don’t actually understand what it is adore. I can get the ones I crave that are comfortable but it costs more and they are harder to detect.”

See More of Ann Calis at XLGIRLS.COM!

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