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Anatomy Award Winner Annabelle Rogers

Anatomy Reward Winner Annabelle Rogers

Anatomy Reward Winner Annabelle Rogers

“Nobody ever knows the color of my eyes,” said Annabelle Rogers. For the record, they’re blue. We gave Annabelle a SCORELAND tank-top but that babe may wanna think about getting a tank-top that reads, “My eyes are up here” just to remind some people that this babe has pretty eyes.

“Growing up, I was always very assured, so I kinda always got attention from bucks. I have not ever felt shamed coz of my fun bags. They’ve always made me feel very hot and empowered and unparalleled. I do not know if there was ever a time when I thought, ‘Oh, I have got it.’ I always thought I had it. Maybe in college if I had to pick a specific time.”

That confidence led Annabelle to pose in her birthday dress and more. That babe quickly became a much loved, for obvious reasons.

“When I was a senior in college, I was voted titanic flirt, and some of my friends told me that in the girls’ locker room, I was the one who was always known to be in nature’s garb. Almost any gals would get clothed and try to hide themselves with a towel, but I was always walking around stripped.”

Annabelle has discovered her calling and breast-men are the happier for it.

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